Pors Carn Finistere

Throughout water… Discover water works !

Water works is an outdoor activity and waterfront which provides plenty of fun !


As its name suggests, it involves walking, running (“aqua jogging”) and perform movements in the water being immersed to the waist for a maximum profits during the effort, with a bonus effect massaging !


Indeed, in the water, the movements are both easier to implement, easier for the body and more efficient. It is an activity accessible to all !
The session lasts about 1 hour and you could adapt his pace according to its shape.


The instructor graduated from First Aid & swimming teacher and takes a look regularly throughout the world, she asked how it feels from time to time to check if all is well, it is very reassuring. Importantly, we always walk !

equipment supplied

You can come with hands in pockets, finally plan anyway your swimsuit !
The instructor provides a full body suit to stay warm in the water, it also increases the buoyancy + slippers to protect the toes.

What I liked most

  • I loved being in sea water, a spa in a unique setting, safe, it’s very refreshing.
  • The activity is friendly, good-humor in the program, it is a time dedicated for sports and relaxation.
  • Whole body is sought : thighs, calves, abs, glutes, arms and shoulders.
  • After one hour of exercise in the ocean, I went out completely revitalized !