Swan dive above Belle Ile en Mer

New to skydiving? Why not try a parachuting in tandem above Belle Ile en Mer?

Location: Aérodrome Belle Ile en Mer
What’s on the cards? 30 min of briefing, 20 min of ascension, 50 seconds of freefall and 8 minutes of descent.



Come discover the wonderful Belle Ile en Mer at 125 miles an hour!

France is Fun offers you the opportunity to perform your first tandem skydive over Belle Ile en Mer.

Get an unparalleled view of the island whilst feeling the rush of a lifetime!!

A team of experienced professionals will take you under their wing and show you the ropes. After a short lesson on the basics of skydiving, the plane will take you up to 13,000 feet, a height at which you will be expected to make the leap of faith! The freefall will last just under a minute during which you will reach speeds of 125 miles an hour! You will complete your descent safely attached to your parachute, giving you the time to enjoy the sensational landscape.