Sunset & Buffet on the sailing ship La Recouvrance

All aboard La Recouvrance, Brest’s emblematic sailing ship!

Enjoy the exceptional view of Brest’s Roadstead and its mind-blowing sunset around a gourmet selection of local delicacies.



Looking to add a nautical feel to your weekends or after-hours in the Finistère? Look no further! Embark on an unforgettable adventure onboard La Recouvrance!

The crew of the two-mast schooner invites you to share an exceptional sailing experience in the roadstead of Brest.

Once onboard, you will discover the different maneuvers and how to hoist the sails, making the ship’s new recruit!

After enjoying an array of local culinary delicacies, it will be time to kick back and enjoy the ride.

Rich and detailed commentary provided by the ship’s knowledgeable crew will make you an expert on lighthouses and approach lights whilst gazing at the mesmerizing sunset on the Breton horizon.