Play it like a Dj

Think you can make the crowd go wild?

 Learn about the art and the know-how of music mixing with a professional DJ.

You’ll end up making top quality mixtapes that will make Daft Punk hang their heads in shame.

 What’s on the cards? An initiation session with a DJ and the creation of your very own mixtape !

 Location : Quimper
Begins at 2 pm
Duration : 90 minutes



Become a DJ and create your own mixtape !

France is Fun offers you the opportunity to get to know the inner workings of music mixing with a professional DJ, Tone Broker.

 After more than 15 years’ experience all around the world, Tone Broker is the ideal guide to take you on an unforgettable musical journey.

 During a 90-minute initiation session, you will craft a mixtape from the music of your choice. In addition, you will also receive invaluable advice from Tone for your next gigs ! 

 Don’t forget to bring your USB key !